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Mrs. Chandrika Senanayake

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 ASVU Completes Renovation Project at Cardiology Unit Wards

2017-10-16 18:56:40

Members of the Army Seva Vanitha Unit (ASVU) headed by Mrs Chandrika Senanayake, President, ASVU on Friday (13) formally informed the Colombo General Hospital authorities of their completion of renovation to two wards (60 & 61) in the Cardiology Unit at the expense of the ASVU.

Spending about Rs 6 lakhs, the ASVU coincided the project with the 68th Army Anniversary with the cooperation of 1 Corps of Engineer Services troops.

Mrs Chandrika Senanayake, President, ASVU after meeting medical authorities in the Wards 60 & 61 formally informed them of the completion of the renovation project as a welfare measure of the ASVU.

Dr Wasanthi Ratnayake, Consultant of the Cardiology Unit, several ASVU Executive members and ASVU Staff were associated with the event.



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