Security Forces (Central)

06th February 2018 10:32:57 Hours


The annual Pirith chanting and the Alms giving which aimed to gain merit for the good governance of the country and for all the Sri Lankans were conducted at Sri Pada which is considered as the paramount important religious place of the Buddhists worldwide. Further, this was organized in remembering of the war heroes and the injured soldiers of the war. This meritorious event was organized on Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day of 01 January 2018 with the contribution and the participation of a lot of devotees.

With the directions of the Commander of the Army, the Commander Security Forces (Central) Major General G R H Dias USP ndc psc IG paved the way in order to accomplish this National event. On 30 and 31 of December 2017 one officer and 66 soldiers from the under command Battalions of Security Forces (Central) and two officers and 60 soldiers from 3(V) Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (3(V)SLSR) and 19 Sri Lanka National Guards (19 SLNG) of 112 Brigade also provided the assistance to carry the goods for the Alms giving from Nallathanniya to the peak of the Sri Pada despite the cold climate and the weariness of the work in order to accomplish the responsibility vested in them.

Moreover, with the directions of the Commander Security Forces (Central), 3 officers and 126 soldiers cleaned the sides of the road on their way back from Sri Pada to Nallathanniya which was polluted by leaving the empty bottles and other non decaying materials. They handed over the collected garbage to the Hatton Municipal Council. Further, the soldiers assisted a civilian who was very ill and they carried him from their shoulders to Nallathanniya.