Security Force Headquarters


Instructions for reserving the Holiday Resort

Persons who obtain the facility of "Coral Cove Kayankerny" Holiday Resort should adhere to the following Standing Orders. Reserving:-

1. This resort is allocated for following persons.

  • a. For all military personnel
  • b. For retired military personnel
  • c. For parents/brothers and sisters/other relatives of military personnel
  • d For civilians
  • e. For Foreigner

2. The authority to reserve the resort is with "A" Branch at SFHQ (E) and the applications should be sent with the payments, 10 days prior to the expected date of reserving.

3. In the event of cancellation of the booking, Colonel (AQ) and SO I (A) should be informed over the phone or in writing 5 days prior to the date of booking and 25% of the amount will be charged.

Contact numbers:

  • Colonel (AQ) 027 2259136
  • SO I (A) 027 3272627
  • Exchange (SFHQ (E) 54072, 54073
  • Telephone no. (SFHQ (E) 027 2259092, 027 2259137

4. Maximum of 03 days can be allocated. It can be extended if no one is in the waiting list.

5. Duration of accommodation: from 1100 hrs. Of the date of arrival to 1000 hrs. of the date of departure and charges per day are as follows.

One room two rooms (full house)
a For all military personnel Rs.2000.00 4000.00
b For retired military personnel Rs.2000.00 4000.00
c For civilians Rs.5000.00 10000.00
d For Foreigner Rs.10000.00 Rs.20000.00
e R&R Place for 4hrs Rs.1000.00 (200.00 for an additional hour)

The discounts for military personnel will be given only if member of the army stays in the resort.

  • 6. A maximum of 4 people can be accommodated in one room.
  • 7. Using electric kettles inside the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • 8. It is the responsibility of you to use the goods and chattels/furniture and equipment with great care. You will be charged for damages occurred due to carelessness.
  • 9. SFHQ (E) has the power of cancelling the reservation made by a military person or by a civilian due to a reasonable matter after informing 5 days prior to the date of booking. For another militarily necessity, it can be informed 3 days prior to the date of booking.
  • 10. Although a person accommodates for less number of days than he booked, he won’t be repaid the balance amount and the whole amount will be charged.
  • 11. When allocating the holiday resort, priority will be given for those who applied first.
  • 12. When allocating rooms, the relevant officer/soldier should be there, if not the same amount paid by a civilian will be charged.