Security Force Headquarters

Place to Visit


To symbolize the remarkable success and unprecedented achievements made by the respective formations of the army (Security Forces) during Wanni Humanitarian Operation that brought about peace to the entire country, a special victory monument was erected at PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU.

The pond around the main statue signifies the blue ocean that surround the island and the national flower lily which blossoms in it, symbolizes our great nation. Natural granite boulders, laden at its base depict the mother earth, replete with natural resources. The lions standing at all four corners of the base represent the warriors who defended the motherland from invaders who tried to conquer this island-nation. In short, those lions immortalize the firm resolve to safeguard the sovereignty of this land from external adversaries. The jubilant soldier who appeared from the ground holding a weapon signifies his emergence of valiant heroic troops as defenders of the nation. The national flag reaching the sky depicts the emancipation and dignified pride of the country. The pigeon taking wings symbolizes conspicuous peace brought to the nation. The Monument was ceremonially unveiled to the nation by His Excellency, the President MahindaRajapaksha, Commander- in- Chief of the Armed Forces.


While the nation was swarming with pools of blood with the spate of LTTE’s heinous crimes elsewhere, terrorist had constructed this huge swimming pool in 2001 for exclusive use of the cream of terrorists. It is 83 feet in length and 22 feet in depth. The pool had also been used to train professional divers of the sea tigers, prior to their employment in deep sea operations and suicide attacks against SL naval crafts and Army costal area defence lines. Most importantly, the superstructure covered with a camouflage wire mesh obscured the pool from any air observation. The nature of changing rooms standing aside the pool area amply confirms that this had been used by the terrorist chief and his close allies.


Wadduwakal Causeway is an important segment of A 35 road which connects Mullaittivu with Puthukudiyirippu. A part of this had been destroyed by terrorists during the Humanitarian Operations to stall the advance of the Army towards Puthukudiyirippu.

The area contains the end of the 14 km long terrorist Ditch cum Bund(DcB) which annexed to the No Fire Zone (NFZ) from the rest of the area. Ruthless terrorists were adamant in holding fleeing civilians as a ‘human shield’ with the intention of discrediting the Army troops. The motive was meant to provoke local and international pro-terrorist groups and project Army troops as ‘killers’ of innocent civilians, primarily restricted to the NFZ. However, with the Army’s excellent command and prudent planning of the entire rescue operation, gallant soldiers of the great Army were able to conduct themselves stealthily across the lagoon from both West and East by dislodging the terrorist, from the shoulders of this Lagoon bank without harming any of the innocent civilians. This causeway has earned a name for itself by making a significant feature in the history of Counter Terrorist Operations in the world, as it rescued approximately 100,000 innocent civilians from the clutches of terrorists during the last stages of the Humanitarian Operation.