SF HQ West
Army troops of the 583 Brigade under the 58 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - West (SFHQ-West) continuing their emergency relief services in Ratnapura District, owing to torrential rains, cleared several main roads and earth mounds in the general areas of Kuruwita - Erathna, Ratnapura - Wewelwatta and a few other places during Sept 9 - 14.
583 Brigade troops had to move away three concrete lamp posts and one telecommunication post which had fallen on to the Kuruwita - Erathna main road obstructing traffic. 8 Gemunu Watch (GW) troops rushed to the scene and made the road motorable within hours despite torrential rains.
Similarly, a team of 8 GW troops on Saturday (9) cleared huge earth mounds that had fallen on the main road, Ratnapura - Wewelwatta, near Aandaella and facilitated the movement of traffic after a couple of hours.
Army Bulldozers, excavators and heavy machinery have been deployed for clearing the area according to the instructions of Major General SudanthaRanasinghe, Commander Security Force West.