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Security Force KILINOCHCHI was raised on 29 June 2009 with the objective of restoring peace and normalcy in the area in order to assist the rebuilding of Kilinochchi district. The headquarter complex was established in KILINOCHCHI town and subsequently shifted to present location in the vicinity of famous IRANAMADU tank
The Security Force KILINOCHCHI was comprised of one infantry division, four Infantry Task Forces, 12 Infantry Brigades and sixty Battalions/units from Combat, Combat Support and Combat Service Support regiments at the inception. The composition having subjected for sequential alterations time to time, the Security Force Kilinochchi operates with three Infantry Divisions, eleven Infantry Brigades and thirty nine Battalions/units. SLN, SLAF, STF, and CSD are also deployed in KILINOCHCHI theatre on ground role in addition to army formations.
Formations and units deployed under Security Force KILINOCHCHI play a vital role towards Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Reconstruction, Resettlement and Reconciliation (5R) process. This institution pioneered numerous exceptional projects and programmes to uplift living standard of all the communities in KILINOCHCHI while assisting peace building efforts in order to ensure equity, ethnic harmony, social, cultural and religious development among all communities to live together as one nation.
Commander Security Forces Kilinochchi
Major General A Kariyakarawana USP ndc