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Kilinochchi Marks International Womens Day with Different Programmes

Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi in collaboration with 65, 66 and 57 Divisions launched several separate projects on Friday (8) on account of ‘International Women’s Day’.

A lecture on ‘Women’s Rights and Law Related to Violence Against Women’ delivered on that day at ‘Don Bosco’ lecture hall in the 651 Brigade area, educated 135 Tamil women living in the area. The lecture was coordinated by Sri Lanka Police and Commanding officers of 11 (V) Gajaba Regiment and Women’s Corps. 28 women attending the occasion received gift parcels of dry rations and essentials through a raffle lottery draw.


On the same day, a mobile health awareness service was conducted covering households at Wattakachchi Gramaseva Division with the help of Kilinochchi hospital staff and Kilinochchi Red Cross. Each house with children was given a gift parcel during the mobile service.


Meanwhile, 662 Brigade troops under 66 Division conducted a full-day workshop on ceremonial preparations and different beautification methods to suit auspicious occasions.
50 women participated in the programme and 17 of them received gift parcels through a lottery draw.

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