Recruited Other Rankers (male/female) from all Regiments of the Sri Lanka Army to serve as tradesman in Ranaviu Apparel (RVAPL) were awarded certificates for having successfully completed three week long special Sewing Machine Operator Course during a simple ceremony organized at the Private’s Mess of RVAPL factory in Yakkala on 5 April 2018.

This Training Programme was conducted under the guidance of Brigadier Senaka Dasanayake by Officers and Other Ranks serving at RVAPL every Tuesday at the Yakkala factory premises.

Eight member team including 4 Army Officers representing RVAPL commenced interview process on 09 Feb 2018 to 23 Feb 2018 under the guidance of Brigadier Senaka Dassanayake, Commandant – RVAP to enlist 175 Other Ranks women and men serving in all Regiment in the Army , including differently able soldiers who are serving under low medial category, in order to join them as machine operators after attaching to RVAPL.

This new initiative was launched on the instructions and directions given by the Commander of the Army with the view of enrolling men and women three years prior to their retirement to make them useful citizens and role models to the society after retiring from the army by empowering them with skills related to garments during their stay at RVAPL.

Those new members, entitled to a special monthly incentive in addition to many other privileges, such as transport, medicine, Gymnasium and swimming pool facilities etc.

However, newly joined Other Ranks quickly adjusted to new environment since all are well trained militarized and disciplined men and women in the Army. Troop serving in different capacities perceive this new concept as a more practicable and successful project in achieving future objective of fulfilling 100% uniform requirement of the Army at present.

In the meantime, Brigadier Senaka Dassanayake, Commandant – RVAP as the Chief Guest of the event together with Brigadier Kapila Ranaweera, Deputy Commandant gave away certificates to those who followed the course and excelled during the certificate-awarding ceremony on Thursday(06).

Several Senior officers including Factory Manager and Senior Production Manager together with Other Ranks participated in the ceremony.

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