Security Forces (Central)

01st May 2018 15:03:32 Hours


In parallel with the National Vesak Festival the Vesak Zone of the Security Forces Headquarters (Central) was held on 29 and 30 April 2018 at Muthukumaru Ground Diyatalawa under the direction and supervision of the Commander Security Forces (Central), Major General G R H Dias USP ndc psc.

Further, devotional songs were sung by a team of Volunteer Force Training School and the students of Sri Pangnasara Dhamma School, Bandarawela. Moreover, 14 Vesak Lanterns were exhibited at the Vesak Zone by SF HQ (Cen) and its under command units and training schools as well as Air Force Combat Training School and Navy Holiday Bungalow Diyatalawa. Amongst all competitors below mentioned won the first, second and third places.

1st Place - 7 Sri Lanka Signal Corps

2nd Place - 2 (V) Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

3rd Place - Air Force Combat Training School

Accordingly, the winners were gifted by the Commander SF (Cen) and the students of the Dhamma School were also awarded a valuable certificate along with a present in appreciation of their talents. In addition to that, a Dansala (Grams and Manioc) was also held to host the visitors.