Security Force Headquarters

29th August 2018 10:22:55 Hours


224 Brigade celebrated its seventh anniversary at the Brigade Headquarters premises on 25 (Saturday). The day’s proceedings commenced with the Commander 224 Brigade Colonel EAP Ediriweera being received the salute of Guard Turnout presented by the troops of 15 SLLI in accordance with military formalities. Subsequently, the Commander 224 Brigade addressed the troops and requested them to commit to diverse projects, being carried out by the Army to strengthen the harmony and reconciliation among all ethnic groups in the area.

Then, Colonel EAP Ediriweera, together with Officers and Other Ranks of the Headquarters 224 Brigade sat for an all-rank lunch celebrating their anniversary.

A religious program was held in the evening of the same day at Muthur Temple with the participation of the Brigade Commander and other Army personnel of the 224 Brigade.