Security Force Headquarters

16th April 2018 13:12:48 Hours


‘Wana Aranaka Avurudu Udanaya’ the Kona Mangalya of the Sri Lankan aborigines (Vedda Community) was held throughout Wednesday (11) in Henanigala, where a plenty of eminent personnel and ‘Adhi Vasies’ got together giving prominence to the age old traditions of the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. The event was organized by the 231 Bde of 23 Div with the assistance of Media First Network, with co-sponsorship of Sunday Apple Newspaper and Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayaka graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Hoisting of the National, Army, District, flags and the indigenous flags by the Commander of the Army, District Secretary of Ampara Mr. Thusitha P Wanigasinha, Vedda’s Chief Uru Warige Wannila Aththo, Commander Security Forces East Major General Santhusitha Pananwala respectively, signaled the formal commencement of the day’s event, followed by recital of National anthem and lighting the traditional ‘Mee Iti Pahana’ by the Commander and a few other distinguish guests. Afterwards, the gathering was fortunate to witness the rare spectacle ‘The Kirikoraha Vedda Dance’ to invoke the blessings of the Nae Yakka (Relative Spirit) for the event.

There were number of indigenous games which were seen at the festival which included the longest hoot, 'Gal dunnen videema' shooting with the bow and arrow, traditional dress contest of the aborigines, lullabies, the best ancestral song, Tug-of-War 'Kamba edeema', walking on the greasy footbridge, placing the eye on the elephant ‘Botakandayata aspojja thibeema’, Pillow-fight – ‘Kotta Pora’ etc. The ‘Adhi Vasies’ and the onlookers enjoyed the events in the New Year festival which added fun and amusement. The event was a gesture that would promote the goodwill between Security Forces and the ‘Adhi Vasies’, indigenous people of the Sri Lanka.

Commander Security Forces East Major General Santhusitha Pananwala, Vedda’s Chief Uru Warige Wannila Aththo, Thala Warige Guna Banda Aththo, COMD Forward Maintenance Area (East), Major Genaral Manoj Mudannayaka, GOC 23 Division, Brigadier Chula Abeynayaka, District Secretary Ampara, Mr. Thusitha P Wanigasinha, Divisional Secretary Dehiattakandiya, Mrs. M P W Shiromani, COMD 231 Bde, Brigadier Senarath Niwunhalla, COMD 232 Bde, Colonel Roshan Jayamanna, COMD 233 Bde, Colonel Anil Samarasinha and senior Officers attended the event.