Security Force Headquarters

25th August 2018 12:57:17 Hours


Continuing the practice of giving top most priority for the welfare of soldiers, the Field Hospital of the Security Force Headquarters Wanni, which was in a dilapidated and in a deplorable state, was renovated onthe directions of Commander Security Force Wanni. The fully renovated Field Military Hospital was vested with the Army members by Commander Security Force Wanni, Major General Kumdu Perera RWP RSP VSV USP ndu on 24 August 2018 in the presence of Army Medical Officers Major M H U Perera, Major J A D C H Jayasinghe, Captain K Jayasekara, Captain W A D A K Rathnasekara and Dental Officer Major D M A S Yapa.

This Field Military Hospital has been originally established with minimum facilities in 1984 under 4 Brigade with several shortcomings and functioned amidst many difficulties during the period of war as it was difficult to close the Hospital for repairs due to the inflow of many casualtied from operations.

Now over 100 inward patients will be able to undergo medical treatment comfortably and the dedicated staff of the Field Hospital is with new facilities and equipment for better diagnoses of illnesses.

The renovation was a result of the inspection carried out in Wanni Headquarters premises on 1 January 2018. The total renovation was speerheaded by the BAQ Wanni, Brigadier Ranjan Premalal. Construction work of the Hospital were carried out by troops of 2 Engineers Services Regiment under the directions of Officer Commanding – 22 Engineers Squadron Major W C Dheshapriya.

Troops representing 26 Sri Lanka Light Infantry, 7, 16, 20, 26 and 17 (V) Battalions of Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, 11 Gemunu Watch, 24, 5(V) Battalions of Gajaba Regiment together with 17 (V) Battalion of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment contributed with labour.

Brigadier General Staff Brigadier Kumar Jayapathirana RSP, Brigadier Administration & Quartering Brigadier Ranjan Premalal USP along with several Senior Officers, staff members of the Field Military Hospital and a large military crowd gathered in the opening ceremony.