Security Forces Headquarters

16th March 2018 17:50:56 Hours

Commander SF-West Formally Visits 143 Brigade

The newly appointed Commander Security Forces -West Major General SDT Liyanage WWV RWP ndc psc made his formal visit to the 143 Brigade AOR, on Tuesday 13 Mar 18.

Troops of 16 Battalion of Gajaba Regiment presented a Guard Turnout to the new Commander Security Forces -West at the arrival of the headquarters 143 Brigade and the Commander SF- West was warmly welcomed by Brigadier LSP Perera USP Commander143 Brigade. During the visit he visited B Coy of 16th Battalion Gajaba Regiment at Voice of America Premises,Iranawilla.

Then the Commander SF-West was updated on the role and tasks pertaining to the 143 Brigade.

Afterwards the Commander SF-West addressed the troops at the headquarters 16 Gajaba Regiment and urged them to the validity of soldiering and responsibilities of a soldier at the present context.

Before his departure, he added complimentary remarks, in the Visitors' Books of 143 Bde and 16 GR.