Work Study Course Attendees in RVAPL Receive Certificates

25 Work Study Course Attendees of both Ranaviru Apparel ( RVAPL) Factories at Yakkala and Alawwa of Sri Lanka Army have been awarded certificates, for having successfully completed 10 days duration Work-study special course, during a simple ceremony organized at the Swimming Pool Complex of RVAPL factory in Yakkala Today (21 June 2018).

This Training Programme organized on the instructions and guidance of Brigadier Senaka Dasanayake, Commandant, RVAPL and was conducted by visiting lecturers, Mrs

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RVAPL Troops Much-admire for Their Commitment

The Differently able Troops serving at Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) Factory , Yakkala were praised for repairing and re-installation of a Band Knife Cutting Machine with Air Float Table belonging to the Cutting department of RVAPL Factory , which has been broken few weeks s ago. Similarly newly repaired Air Float Table equipped with strong blower facilitate for pushing the fabrics easily as original table.

While the Yakkala factory produces an average of 1100 uniform sets per day while

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New DCOS Makes First Formal Visit to RVAPL

The newly-appointed Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) of the Sri Lanka Army and Chairman of Board Management (BoM)of Ranaviru Apparel ( RVAPL) , Major General Ajith Kariyakarawana made his first formal visit to Ranavieu Apparel Factories at Alawwa and Yakkala for an inspection of both camps, today (09 May 2018).

On arrival at the main entrance to the Alawwa Factory, the visiting DCOS was warmly received by Brigadier Senaka Dassanayake, the Commandant – RVAPL together with , Brigadier Kapila Ranaw

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Differently able troops and other troops serving at the Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) – Yakkala took part in a Dhamma Sermon programme organized by Administrative Staff on account of Vesak Full Moon Poya day, under the guidance of Brigadier Senaka Dassanayake, Commandant, RVAPL and supervised by Brigadier Kapila Ranaweera Deputy Commandant got underway on Tuesday (01).

The religious ceremony, including a colourful procession and an interesting Dhamma sermon delivered by Ven. Maharawela Mudithawans

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Sinhala and Tamil New Year, ‘Bak Maha Ulela’ , organized by Factory Manager of Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) Allauwa together with his troops including differently able War Heroes, under the directions and instructions of Brigadier Senaka Dassanayake, the Commandant of RVAPL, was held customary way on Saturday (21st April) with the participation of several hundreds of troops and their families, giving priority to traditional New Year games and other associated fun-making games.

The Commandant, B

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A simple ceremony organized by troops of Ranaviru Apparel (RVPL) was held at the Factory premises in Yakkala on 01 June 2018 to felicitate the Second Production Line of the Factory, who emerged as the Best production line of the month.

This new project was launched on a new concept of the Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) of the Sri Lanka Army and Chairman of Board of Management (BoM) of ( RVAPL) , Major General Ajith Kariyakarawana in order to select the best production line of the month after a speci

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Deputy Commandants visit to the construction site

Brigadier Kapila Ranaweera, Deputy Commandant and Lieutenant Colonel Roshan Kalupahana, Production Planning and Work Study Manager of Ranaviru Apparal made a visit to the construction site of the proposed five storied accommodation building at Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) Alawwa on Wednesday (15) morning, November 2017.

The visiting Deputy Commandant was warmly received by Lieutenant Colonel Chaminda Thibbotuge, Factory Manager of Ranaviru Apparel Alawwa on arrival at the site, in the company of several

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Work Study Training Programme Commence at the RVAPL

A work study course for Officers and Other Ranks serving in both Ranaviru Apparel factories at Yakkala and Alawwa of Sri Lanka Army was commenced at the RVAPL Factory in Yakkala on 28 November 2017 under the training assistance of Sri Lanka Institute of Textile & Apparel (SLITA).

The course designed to enhance the knowledge of Officers and Other Ranks serving at both factories on different areas related to Work Study includes Process Analysis, Method Study, Time Study, Line Balancing , Evaluat

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Minuwangoda Educational Zonal Teachers Visit to Ranaviru Apparel

70 Home Science Teachers and 3 lecturers of Zonal Educational Office in Minuwangoda paid an educational visit to Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL), recently with a view of learning more about the Apparel Industry as a part of their syllabus and properly implemented 5-S concept.

The visiting group of teachers were warmly welcomed by the Deputy Commandant and Staff officers of RVAPL at the main entrance and guided them to Boardroom.

After welcoming them, a presentation on the historic value and im

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Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) Factory which was established on 27 March 1996 at Yakkala produces an average of 1200 uniform sets per day while Alawwa factory opened on 23 Oct 2009 produces an average of 960 uniform sets and no of other products per day.

However, both factories do have the capacity of fulfilling more than 85% of uniform requirement of the Army at present and under takes different type of uniforms including dress No 04, 06, 07 and No 8 uniforms, PT Short , Mosquito Nets and Sleeping Mattr

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